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We have so much talent in our community but for some reason we seem to be under-represented at squad trials.  Our committee has identified this and have come up with an initiative to help tackle this gap.

We are now offering a 4 week program specifically designed to focus on what to expect at trials to help reduce being overwhelmed, position specific skills and tips, how to showcase your talent at trials but most importantly we want to raise awareness and get players confident enough to apply to trial in the first instance.

Our main goal is to create confidence in talented players in that would not otherwise participate in trials, especially given that player have not played now for some time.



11/U - Jamie Faoa

Jamie started her netball journey form the tender age of 7 for her local primary school in Auckland NZ, and also played in the Canterbury Representative Squad in Christchurch. Jamie has had a passion for netball since a very young age and in adulthood has coached and managed many successful tournament and club teams. Jamie believes coaching is a crucial role that we must accept with compassion, commitment, and pride. Acknowledging our responsibility to educate and develop not only ourselves as coaches but also our children on and off the court can not only help take their netball to the next level but assist with a better understanding of the game to allow the child to play with confidence.

13/U - Foisha Harris

15/U - Tania Kahui

17/U - Lorna Yakopo-Hazleman

Lorna has played Netball since high school through to her adult life but has embraced coaching in the last 7 years since having kids. She coached Bonbeach Football Netball Club - B Grade in 2019, Melbourne Fiji Netball Club Coach and was Colchester Eagles Netball Club Head Coach 2014-2017.  Lorna looks forward to working hard with the older group and is keen to develop and help players. 

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