Kotahitanga are proud that we participated at both Casey and Dandenong Netball Association 

Monday Night Senior Teams

Blacks (Section 2)

Reds (Section 7)

Wednesday Night Mixed Teams


Junior Teams

U11 Huia (Open)

U13 Moa (Section 1)

U15 Kotare (Section 2) & Weka (Secton 1)

U17 Ruru (Section 1)


Training is at Casey Fields Netball Courts.

Casey League Co-Ordinator Ngaire Tufuga

Dandenong Netball Association
Kotahitanga have participated in the Dandenong Netball Competitions since 2015.  We have ladies teams that are competitive and social that play on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Our Juniors play On Saturday mornings. 

Junior Teams

U11 Kohanga & Kakariki

U13 Ma & Whero

U15 Pango

Senior Teams

Monday Night Ladies

- Arataki (Section 1) Rangimarie (Section 1) Ataahua (Section 2) & Pounamu (Section 3)

Tuesday Night Ladies 

- Kaha (Section 1) Ngawari (Section 3)

Thursday Night Mixed (Socially Competitive)

- Manaaki & Toa

Our Dandenong Juniors currently train at the Gloria Pyke Netball Complex on Thursday evenings.
11s & 13s 5:30pm to 6:30pm
15s 6:00pm to 7:00pm
We encourage our senior members to train with the 15s
Dandenong League Co-Ordinator Candice Maliko
Casey Netball Association
Our teams have been playing at Casey since the Spring Season of 2012.  Junior teams competition play play on Wednesday afternoon/evening.  Our Senior teams play on Monday evenings.